Yasuni: nature and ancestral culture

Yasuni: nature and ancestral culture

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Within the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve the inhabitants dwell in concord with nature. Yasuni interprets to ‘sacred land’ and the indigenous tribes that dwell on this a part of Amazonia, deal with it as sacred, as a result of it sustains them, which is as true at present because it was for his or her ancestors within the mists of the previous. Ecuadorian Amazonia is the house to the Kichwa, a part of the indigenous inhabitants that inhabits the entire of the Amazon Basin. They get their title from the dialect of the language which is the basis of all of the indigenous tongues in that a part of Amazonia. As soon as, they had been a part of the Inca Empire, however the arrival of the Spanish modified all that.


They consider in a ‘Mom Earth’ and see themselves as part of nature, not outdoors of it or dominant over it, as a substitute they dwell alongside it. Additionally, they consider that nobody can personal the land, solely use it for his or her rapid wants and sparingly. In fact, this clashes with European beliefs and in Ecuador, the identical as everywhere in the Amazonian Basin, this has led to catastrophic outcomes for the folks of the rainforest. Fortuitously, the Kichwa have organized and fought again. At present, they and different teams have discovered a solution to guard their ancestral homeland and turn out to be a part of the fashionable world, they’re the homeowners and operators of sustainable tourism initiatives.


These initiatives, permit them to dwell a life like their ancestors and keep each their traditions and beliefs. The Kichwa have very sturdy connections with nature that outsiders discover arduous to know. They consider that every thing has a soul, even vegetation and animals. All that lives or grows within the rainforest are their brothers and sisters. Every have a soul, which is named an ‘anima’. As subsistence farmers, they’re spiritually very near the numerous flora. That is due to the vegetation hyperlinks with well being and drugs, that are additionally religious connections to mom earth.



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These fascinating world views or religious consciousness are higher defined by the shamans or the smart girls of the tribe. On this magical tradition you’ll have ample alternative to listen to and higher perceive these beliefs from a those who has lived in concord with nature for day out of thoughts. The Kichwa folks renew their religious bond with the life round them by every day rituals, storytelling and music. That is the best way they move on data and expertise from one era to the following.


Fortunately, for the Kichwa, worldwide tourism has turn out to be a blessing in disguise. It has revived a lifestyle that was being eroded and strengthened the decision for higher conservationism. Many now work in several vacationer initiatives alongside the Napo river and keep a extra conventional way of life, in concord with nature, than those who have moved to the cities. Don’t miss the possibility to see wonderful wildlife, but additionally learn the way the folks of the forest have lived there.

Miguel Andy is Normal Supervisor of Napo Wildlife Heart. Napo Wildlife Heart is an eco-lodge providing unforgettable experiences within the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador, inside Yasuni Biosphere Reserve, which is managed by the Añangu kichwa aboriginal group.

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